Urological Massage

If at least one man hears that urological massage is necessary to him, then he "will be killed under a bench". Many who made the test, know that it when the urologist gets "a pure tear" of a prostate. Therefore such procedure is associated with pain. Such state of affairs needs to be changed urgently! It is good that now massage urological in Kazan can be ordered not in hospital, and from lovely moths. They are a good judge of the real satisfaction of the man.


Technique of urological massage


If to speak about an intimate component of this procedure, then, of course, it is pleasant when your prostate is massed by the beautiful and appetizing girl. At once you feel an anticipation something special and erotic. Indescribable excitement wakes up! The girl can carry out this technique in two ways:


  • Direct massage of a prostate: using the lovely fingers and special silicone lubricant, for penetration into the sacral men's place.
  • Indirect massage: it when the girl speeds up work of a prostate gland through a scrotum.


Anyway it is necessary to carry out all movements correctly to gain the maximum effect!


Pleasure and health


Such procedure can bring to men as pleasure, and to help to correct health of urinogenital system:


  • Vanish all stagnation in a prostate.
  • Inflammatory process decreases.
  • The man, having reached an orgasm, feels new feelings.


Thanks to such procedure fresh sides open. However the girl who understands it has to carry out it! All cuties with DosugKazani had special training and are ready to help you to cope with problems and to give pleasure.


Local prostitutes are a good judge of massage of a prostate


Besides usual the technician, prostitutes very much like to supplement this service in various ways:


  • Performance of blowjob during massage of a prostate.
  • Use of special anal stimulators of an anatomic form.
  • Use of exciting lubricants.
  • In parallel carrying out massage of a penis with the subsequent masturbation.


Those girls who are ready to give you pleasure in the most nonconventional ways posted the questionnaires on our website. If you wish to test what is a bright orgasm, then surely order this service.