Copro issue

Not it is easy to admit all sexual desires to the wife or the partner. How to be if you are interested in a koprovydacha in Kazan? To secretly revise specific pornofilms? To try to spot in a slit in toilets? There is other exit. It is enough to visit the website DosugKazani where the most dissolute prostitutes of the city leave about themselves data. For them there is no taboo in sex. These selling maids will make everything that the client will want even if some desires seem obscene.


Most of people adores sexual experiments and thrills. The man becomes more senior, the more he tested. Group sex, lovemaking in the elevator, role-playing games was already tested. Means, there came time to try game BDSM. The koprovydacha will become one of types of rigid domination. You should not ask about it the girlfriend, probability that you will be called the pervert, reaches 999 of 1000. Prostitutes are not afraid to experiment.


What to discuss at a conversation


On the website it is necessary to choose the service "koprovydach". The most dissolute selling maids decide on such type of sex. Having chosen from them most pleasant, she should call. The prostitute will tell you about nuances of this type of sex.


  • If you only want to try this type of entertainment, then it is better if the prostitute is emptied on your stomach, without touching the face. In this case the good foreshortening on her pussy and buttocks opens, you will be able to consider everything in all details;
  • In case you were already engaged in it, and it was pleasant to you, then you can suggest the prostitute to make defecation to you on the face;
  • If you are ready to the most rigid experiments, then the courtesan will be emptied to you directly in a mouth.




The meeting can be devoted only a copra or is combined with sexual intercourse. Sometimes the man prefers to satisfy independently himself, without entering intimate relationship with the prostitute. Often it is combined with BDSM games. Such the service renders madam to the slave. Sometimes the man prefers to organize a meeting with 2 moths at once and acts as the observer. Besides delivery a copra, girls are engaged in lesbian games and use sex toys.


Be not afraid to experiment! Sex can be not only habitual, but also differ from the standard standards. The main thing that to partners it was pleasant, safe and hygienic. Skilled professionals will be able to create the corresponding surroundings and to make a meeting memorable.